Monday, August 6, 2012

Lace Letters Tutorial

So after seeing a digital embellishment pack or lace letters I decided I would try with actual lace. Add to it Cindy decided to challenge scrappers to use lace on their pages with a challenge at Funtoolas.  Originally I was going to use transparencies but thought it would get lost on my page.

Supply list:
paper or transparency
modge podge

First, on the backside of my cardstock I wrote my title. The big secret here is to do the numbers on the flip side or mirror imaged. You could print a font mirror image on your card stock if you would like.

Next, I painted modge podge on my cardstock and then I secured the lace to the cardstock and placed a second layer of modge podge.
 Finally you will want to cut the letters (or in my case numbers).


  1. What a great idea!! Thanks for the tutorial!!~ Blessings, Tracey