Monday, January 17, 2011

Lady in Red

I compiled random shots of my mom from my brother's wedding. Based on a page map.

This tag was inspired by Lisa. Here's a link to her directions so you can make one too.

The title was a picture of my brother's wedding cake. Using my Cricut and a Styrofoam plate, I cut out the word RED. Using the plate I traced with a gold marker the word RED on a transparency. I cut out the transparency and also the cake picture and layered all these pieces.

And here's a picture of me with the baby.

The title was fun to make with aluminum tape and paints for distressing. I rolled the letters across a snowflake with my rolling pin to add texture.

Here's an old stork stamp from my collection. It is paper pieced and covered in stickles to bring it to life.

The ruffle is actually my journaling.

One little word- THANKFUL

As I start this new year and I reluctantly prepare to head back to work after having quality time with my handsome little man, I will by a lottery ticket in the hopes that work can be a thing of the past. Yet I must be thankful I have work to go to. Last years little word would be waiting. We spent a lot of time waiting. Waiting to know if we would have a baby, waiting for our wedding day (yeah like three years of that), waiting for little man, waiting for information from the hospitals thanks to his trips back there after his initial release. But this year the word is thankful. Thankful he is fine healthy and wonderful. Thankful that my hubby and I have jobs to provided for our children. Thankful to have a hubby even if I don't feel that way all the time. Thankful for my busy life that seems nonstop because at least I have places to be, people that need me and people I need. 2011 is a year to be thankful for.