Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grand Close Ups

Grand: grandpeople, grandparents, grandaunt and granduncle. Here's a layout feature some of the grandest people in my life.

This is my Grandma Betty. She was full of life from being hungover in the bathroom, to boating and outdoors fun or simply making a face at her work she oozed life.

I am one weekend from launching my on-line embellishment shop. I will continue demonstrating the occassional how-to's, but I will also sell goodies for those less motivated. Here's a few of my favorite hand-mades: blinged butterfly and rolled flowers.

I also making iris folded tags. The shape was the left over after I cut out the above butterfly.

Here's a rose bush another of my favorite hand-made yummies.

This title was fun to make as I found the word "grand" and other "grand" related words in the dictionary.

Here's my son from baseball 2 years ago. Love the action shot and this close up. This is actual a scraplift so the layout is copy of This is actual a scraplift so the layout is copy of The more I Hanging By A Moment from