Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'd Rather Be Scrappin'

So instead of scrappin' this morning my folks came over and helped me finish the wall. We did a technique mom and I learned while at a Home Depot demonstration. This time I bought my paint at Lowe's and no one had a clue or a pamphlet about how to do this two in colors in one paint pan technique, so Mom and I did our best from memory and through dumb luck we remember as we went along. I started by putting the darkest color on the wall as a base. Instead of doing two colors we decided to try three and I think it worked perfect. We poured three different colors of paint into cups and at the same time we poured those colors into the paint pan. With two colors on the outside and one in the middle. In time the paints ran into each other but never blended. Next we filled our paint roller and attacked the wall. I say attack because you cover the wall in many different directions so that it does not become a pattern. While I worked with the edges and close to teh ceiling just doing touch ups with a regular brush for each color and a blending brush I splattered some on the main wall, so I took my dry brush I had for blending the colors and wiped the splatter away. While I did that Mom remembered that we do that with the whole wall so that it pulls off excess paint and blends the areas. The trick is to keep that brush dry.

Anyway I just have some touch up and to put the room back together and then I can get back to scrapping.

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