Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do It Yourself Kits


The kits include materials to make a corset, elegant ruffled flower, and 3-D butterflies.

To earn a chance of winner your own kit or to get other cool RAKs come play in the progressive challenge. On March 26 we will play a live round, but in the mean time players can make layouts, practice progressive challenge skills, earn points, chat and have fun.

3-D butterflies-

STEP 1- Trace a butterfly onto paper of your choice. Ink or chalk to your taste or not.

STEP 2- Attach a punched butterfly to your traced butterfly along the center and spread the wings up.

STEP 3- Bedazzle your top butterfly. I used one of the transparency punched butterflies as the top layer. I covered this butterfly in glitter glue and added a few drops of pink dimension paint.

STEP 4- Glue the center of the third layer to the second layer. Spread the wings apart.


The kit includes the origami folded corset.

NOTE- You can add real lace or used the edge punch lace in the kit.

To round the brassiere region- (optional) –

1. Pinch one of the diamond flap towards the center to make an even oval top.

2. Fold the corset in half so that you can cut the other side of the brassiere even to match the already cut side.

3. Pinch the top of one side the brassiere region down to the bottom so that you can round off the bottom even to the top.

To add lace using the edge punch

1. Cut a small region of the edge punch that will fit on the bottom leg of one of the corset. Repeat this step for the other leg.

2. Cut another small region of the edge punch for the brassiere region.

Add embellishments:

1. Cut small slivers of paper (blue here) and crisscrossed them up front like a lace-up.

2. Take a longer sliver and cross it to make it look like a bow.

3. Longer slivers are used down the leg and sometimes a long sliver from under the brassiere, down the stomach, and to the point adds a nice touch

4. Cover the corset in glittery glue.

Elegant Ruffled Flowers

Here's a tutorial for the elegant ruffled flowers.

Here's an option for the white flowers in the kit to make them the perfect color: colorwashing tutorial.

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