Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Faux" Stick Pins with Clay

I purchased more Best flexible Molds by Penni Jo after falling in love with the one set I purchased. I had a fun play with clay day and I created faux stick pins, brad toppers and paper clip toppers. I will post tutorials for the paperclips and brads at a later time.

To make the faux stick pins I used my wire cutters to clip off a small piece of wire. I followed the clay mold instructions but just before I removed the clay from the mold I stuck my wire slightly into the mold if I wanted it at the top.

For clay on the center of the pin, I left a pinch of the clay I used to remove the clay with on the molded pieces.
I removed a lot of the excess clay but I left a nice lump over the pin.

For some stick pins I made a second mold and used that in the back of the pin. I baked the clay and wire according to the directions. Using random bead and hot glue, I added the extra goodies to the pin.

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  1. Completely cool idea, thanks so much for sharing these delightful faux stick pins with us.

    ♥ Jessica