Friday, December 9, 2011

Brought to You by the Letter "K"

and by Best flexible Molds by Penni Jo. I used their clay mold to make the "faux" dragonfly stick pin. To see the tutorial click here.

This was the first time I quilled letters in this fashion. Unfortunately they were lost on the page due to the beautiful but busy background paper. To make the letters stand out I created frames by smothering spackling on cardboard frames. I added white paint and a light coating of iridescent paint. Behind the frame I mount black card stock to really make the letters project off of the page.

I loaded the page full of my a variety of handmade flowers. I got a new set of itty-bitty EK flower punches so I had a great time punching, folding, twisting and gluing. Thanks to Adriana Bolzon's layout "Wish" for the idea of adding all the branch punches. It sure helped jazz up my bouquets.

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