Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday June 13 Weekly/Daily Encouragement Challenge

Daily Scrap Encouragement Progressive Style

To encourage one another to create pages I will post daily and weekly steps to creating a page. Feel free to follow along and to come by everyday and create a page. Or you can collect instructions for completing one page a week. The weekly instructions will be posted in steps the first two instructions on Monday, the next three instructions on Wednesday, and the final three instructions on Friday. The instructions are like the instructions we use for the progressive challenge.

Feel free to complete one page for this challenge or up to six pages for the challenge. Each completed page that follows a specific set of instructions will be eligible for a small RAK. This RAK will be awarded randomly.

Best part yet, use this as you complete pages for other challenges. Add the requirement for the other challenge into the steps assigned here.

* Your layout must follow the directions posted.
**Any size of layout or card, \ one or 2-pages are allowed. Sorry no digi layouts since one step will be to add something handmade to the page,
*** You can only upload new layouts from Monday the 13th June until Sunday 19th of June, 2011 at midnight time
****In your post include the date of the instructions you followed to complete your page,
***** If you get love, leave love. It’s important to complete pages but if you find the time pass on the love.

****** Feel free to post completed pages to the Mister Link at my blog site, but all contenders for the RAK must be posted at in the daily/weekly encouragement forum.

Monday June 13 WEEKLY encouragement challenge

STEP ONE: select a page you want to scraplift, but it must be a page created by the Pages In Time “Inspirational Muse of the Month”, Toni AKA” 2Dogs. Add the URL or link to the post so we know which layout you will lift. Be sure to acknowledge her in your upload as the person you lifted. Here’s here gallery and here’s her blog.

Good news… when you complete this page you can enter it at PIT in the scrap lift the muse challenge I’m hosting there.

STEP TWO - gather your papers that you will use today paper do any one of the following to these papers:

A) do a mask

B) add stickles or glitter to the entire page, the edges, or select parts of the patterns

Monday June 13 DAILY encouragement challenge

STEP ONE: select a sketch you want to complete. Add the URL or link to the post so we know which layout you will lift. If you post a sketch without the correct amount of pictures, be sure to note how you plan to alter the sketch to meet the picture requirement. A great site to get sketches is:

STEP TWO - gather your papers that you will use today paper do any two of the following to these papers

A) tear the edges

B) use ink, paint or even a marker to make your own polka dots if you use ink or paint share with the group what strange object you used to make the uniform pock-a-dots (I use bingo markers, bubble wrap, pencil tops)

C) water distress in this style- [url=]Water Distress[/url]

D) Fussy cut one of your pattern papers. This means following a pattern on the paper and using it as a guide and making intricate cuts that follow the pattern.


STEP TWO - gather your papers that you will use today paper do any ONE of the following to these papers

A) Check out Wendy’s site and see her recent tutorials on backgrounds and try one. Here’s her site:

STEP THREE- - select one of your pictures and do any two to the picture or mat

A) add decorative corners(use punches, stickers, rubons- be creative)

B) Improvise on digital effects. Check out this tutorial for an [url=]example[/url]

C) mosaic cut the picture

[url=]mosaic 1[/url]

[url=]mosaic 2[/url]

[url=]mosaic 3[/url]

D) make a frame and on the frame do your journaling so that your handwriting is the decorative part of the frame

Step Four:

Flags are now all the craze. You will need to take the time to MAKE a flag for your page. Sorry no store bought flags welcome. So make or cut a pole shape and attach a flag of some sort. You should put about 15 minutes worth of work into the flag so make it cute and detailed. Here's an example of a very cute [url=]twirled flag[/url].

Step Five: Add any and all embellishments that you wish but one must be metal or non-scrap item.

STEP SIX-- Title Time with a Twist. It's up to you about placement, product and size, but whatever you use TWO of the following-

A)DISTRESS in some way

B) Make the title sing...the title must be a song title

C) Quill your title

[url=]Quilled Text[/url]

[url=]Quilled Monogram[/url]

D)cut your title out from unused picture like the word Florence in this example

[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]Florence (page 1)[/url] By [url=]Ms.Schwiet[/url]

STEP SEVEN- Add whatever doodles and journaling you want to the page, but you use TWO of the following-

A) Make a journaling spot from [url=]spirelli[/url] embellishment

B) Select from these [url=]doodle lines[/url]

C) use a pre-made journaling spot or print a free one here's a selection of freebies:

D) Search the gallery focusing on doodling. Find a doodle you want to scraplift. Be sure to include where the inspiration for the doodling came from when you post.

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