Friday, September 4, 2009


This is a layout of my son posing for pictures after a friend’s wedding. He sure did look handsome in his tie. I love how the cardboard came out as both a fence and a tree. The spinner was actually inspired by a YouTube video for card making by Julie Balzer. It was so incredibly easy.

I had my pattern papers attached and sewn into place first. My next step was to assemble my spinner. I used a dragon fly I made on my Cricut. Some other fun idea would be a butterfly, sun, moon, stars, birds, or really anything.
The trick to the spinner is that the item must be doubled so that you can glue a very thing piece of string (or a single strand of floss) between the two objects.

After your spinner is assembled you will need to punch a hole into your layout. I used a square stencil to trace the space I wished to use. With my hold punch I started the hole and cut away the remain area of the square. Keep in mind this hole will need to remain open so in a photo album you must coordinate the back page with the spinner as well. This just means you get to have one cool spinner on two great pages.

Once the hole is prepared, you must tightly glue the strings of the spinner into place. I glued min on the back, but the front would be fine because you will cover the glue marks and string later. I made my square just a bit to small so that my dragonfly could barely spin freely. I did not want to cut any more of my layout away, so to solve my dilemma I simple glued the dragonfly to the diagonals of the layout thus giving the dragonfly a better area to spread its wings.

The final part is to create a frame that will set off the spinner as well as cover the string and glue. Be sure to cut away any excess string before you glue the frame into place.

I finished the project by adding the photos and the embellishments.

I promise it is a fun and easy project. Enjoy.