Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mojo Magic Part 1

Has someone or something stolen your scrap -mojo? Or are you new to scraping and want to know how to start? My advice steal it back. That's right get out there and steal. It's called scrap-lifting: the attempt to replicate another scrappers art.

Find a website that shares scrap images and ideas and lurk around until you find the perfect specimen and steal a portion or take the whole thing. Just a quick shoplifting trip around a favorite scrapbooking site could rekindle your scrap-mojo like dried termite-ridden piece of pine on a campfire. Try one of my favorite sites to put my crafty thievery to work. If you wonder around that site and bump into me, Ms.Schwiet, just say hi.

Scrapper are polite thieves and proper protocol requires that you throw props back to the originator of the idea. So if you start posting your stolen work please credit where the inspiration came from.

My mojo is running low and I'm going to need some magic to fix it, so I'm off to choose my next victim for scrap-lifting. Here’s hoping a scrap-happy day to you whether that’s scrapping or making scrap-able memories.

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