Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my apologizes

I have been blessed to share with and meet some wonderful cyber friends. Lucky. While the internet is a great place to meet and share, sometimes it's hard to express yourself correctly. Emotions, nonverbal clues are non-existent. Unfortunately those convey so much meaning. Without the expressions and voice inflection your meaning can come off wrong. That is why I'm apologizing. To any and all people that feel I may have said something hateful I am sorry. There is no one in my current life that I have a hateful thing to wish or say. In fact, I think I get along better now with my ex-husband then through 50% of out marriage. His new wife has definitely made him more tolerable. Okay I lie there is one person I can not stand but I share no computer base interactions with her. Our exchanges are face-to-face (which I avoid like its a plague) and trust me nonverbal cues, voice inflection, emotion, expression all come to play when we do interact and with my words she has a very clear picture of the disgust I feel towards her as well as her disgust towards me. Anyway cyber world, I only try to surround myself with friendly, creative people that I have no personal involvement with so there is no hate ever meant in my typed words. Think about it - cyber friends don't try to hurt your friends or family and they don't try to manipulate your kids or steal your man. Gee, they may be the best friends a girl can ask for.

Funny thing is in the cyber world we leave an impression. That impression can not be deleted with a back space key. I mean this in the literal and the figurative sense. My BIL recently explained to me how he can retrieve deleted photos. It's nearly impossible to fully delete a picture and based on numbers and odds it's impossible even after flushing your recycle bin. A lot of internet stuff is like that. I recently saw one of my favorite artists was going to do a tutorial using clay. I eagerly clicked to check it out but the page no longer exists yet somewhere on the net that info is un-deleted. Info can be deleted or manipulated but the original is still there in traces.

That brings us to the figurative meaning. I tell my son all the time when he tinkers with facebook what he says never goes away there. His words are taken to heart by someone and like the computer that can be stored forever. Again I apologize. I also thank someone I highly respect for bringing it to my attention that I was behaving like a @itch.

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