Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28 30 Minute Scrap Workout

Being organized and having a sketch in mind helps your complete pages more quickly. My first few attempts at a 30 minute layout I tried to include my time making embellishments in the 30 minutes. In reality between planning and making any handmade embellishments I’ve put in more time than 30 minutes. Yet when you twist the timer and hear the ticking you really set a faster pace for your work. Even after the timer has gone off and I’ve had parts of a page to complete, I still feel under pressure and my pace continues at its quick speed.

I challenge you to set a timer and try a 30 minute scrap workout. Even if you don’t succeed and need some extra time share with me your work and how long it did take you to make the page. I have a linky devise set up for you to make a link to your blog or gallery to show off your achievements.

Here's my first attempt using my counterfeit kit.

This is also for challenge 2.We had to seel inspiration from our favorite manufacture. I choice Prima and I attempted to sew one of their flowers from the Regent Collection. See the orignal flower here.

And here's the one I have a video for. The video will show you exactly how I did this in about 30 minutes. I hope to get the video loaded shortly.


Sketch- see Pages In Times


Something to shape circles


Scalloped scissors

(not shown) ink and chalk for distressing – I used markers and make-up

Embellishments here- Amy’s flowers,??? Flowers, faux bling dragonfly, wheat stalks

Pre-threaded needle for the twisted stitching

Journaling squares


As you can see I made it this time (kind of), but I didn’t have my title made. This took me an extra 10 minutes. Please come back next week and see if I can get a page completed in 30 minutes. What do you think, can I complete a page in 30? What about you? Can you complete a page in 30 minutes? Give it a try and link it back to this post with the time it does take you. "Come on girls lift those scissors, apply that adhesive, YOU CAN DO IT!!"

Here is the Mister Linky for ALL of the links for 30minute scrap workout for May 28, 2011...

In order to make this Mister Linky a little easier to *understand* - in the "name" field below, type your name and the amount of time your page took to create include the link that will send you directly to the page you made.


  1. They are so bright and joyful! Love them! I'm loving the flowers!

  2. Wow! Awesome and beautiful pages, my friend! I love your video and your entire blog!!! I am a follower, now!

  3. These are GREAT colors and the pages really POP