Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paper Rose the Schwiet Way

You have probally made paper roses and this is just another one of those tutorials about making them, but I found a way to make them easier by using a BBQ skewer to complete the rolling step.

Here’s a layout of my DStep-D’s posing at Sea World using these paper roses. The layout itself is a lift of the very talented “2-Dogs”.

Supplies: paper, circle template (wine glass), wooden skewer (a toothpick would probably work), scissors, and glue gun.

First, I traced a circle using the wine glass as a template. My circle was just under 3 inches. The size you use will determine the rose size and number of layers.

Next, I cut out the circle and then cut the circle into a spiral shape.

Using the skewer, I rolled the paper around the skewer by starting with the outside edge of the spiral. I find this much easier than the free-handed version I have been using. I pinch the bottom of the rose making it a little tighter as I go along.

Finally, I pullout the skewer and allow the little bundle to spread open more to my liking. Using the glue gun, I dab a little glue on the flowers bottom and I fold the end (the inside of the spiral) snuggly around the rose. For my rose in the page above, I added a little touch of silver glitter glue.

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