Friday, October 23, 2009

Mojo Magic #2


Here’s my first edition for scrap with your children and concur mojo magic. Get your little one out and cover their feet in paint. Press the paint on a piece of paper and viola you have foot print ghosts. I used white paint on black paper. When it was done I added eyeballs.

My mom is helping my niece make these prints. I’m not sure where I got the idea from originally, but I made these ghosts on our glass window when my son was little. At that time he was small enough I could lift him up to press his feet throughout the window.

(insert picture)

Iris folded pumpkin...I found a free pattern for a balloon and tweaked it to be a pumpkin. I distressed the edges with ink. Added embellishments include green stiched vines, Cricut cut vines, and twisters colred green.

Using my exacto knife I cut ann "x" through the orange paper. I inked the edges and folded it back so it would reveal the face of one of the ghost prints. Different embellishments and pictures (including this one) are framed with a crackle painted frame and vines.

Paper bag vine. I followed a tutorial from the 52 sketch website.I added flowers I bought at the dollar tree. These flowers have stickles added and in a few spots I glued beads.

Another spinner. I used the Cricut to cut the webs on this page as well as the spider. I added glitter to hide the thread.


  1. I love the little ghost footprints on black! I did those when my 5th was a newborn and I display them each October. Such a treasure~

  2. Absolutely amazing work!! So many beautiful details - I think boggly eyes would work great on the ghosts too!