Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love in an Investiment Good Ones Pay Off

Happy Father's Day 

I want to share a stand-up album I created for Dallas's father using a cheap, acrylic frame and the rings from an old two-ringer binder . As some of you know, we're going through a rough patch. This album reflects this time, so don't think the title "Mistake" has anything to do with the birth of my son. It's what his father calls this time; I call this time a "Lesson", yet maybe we should see it as an "Investment."

I used Andea's Tut on woven stitch and followed Paulien's sample.

Notice how the transparency flips back on the binding. Each layers flips over in an album as demonstrated by Heidi Swapp.

And another layer.

Mistake or a Lesson or an Investment- Good Ones Pay Off

Good Ones Pay Off. The background paper is Pion design ~~ Pontiac - For Father. A RAK from Flying Unicorn. I added sweeps of red paint to create a water color effect.

"Lesson" was cut on my Silhouette along with the love tickets.

The green leaves are made following Lisa's tattered leaves tutorial

This is the bottom most layer. I used. I tied a sailor's knot in the twine.

This is a close-up of the Petaloo Mulberry flowers and the masking I did on the "Mistake" title.

Here's the title "Investment" finally spelled correctly. Thank goodness a heat gun un-sticks hot glue.

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  1. Wow Stacey! This is fantastic! You have done a wonderful job with this! Hope your rough patch is smoothing out too!